Brandon Miller

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Higher Education

University of Colorado at Boulder

Double Major

Bachelor of Science Journalism: Creative Advertising

Bachelor of Arts: International Spanish for the Professions


Business Minor: Entrepreneurship

Technology, Arts, and Media: Web Design

Programs on Campus:

University of Colorado Marching Band - Drumline

Basketball Band: Lead Drummer

University of Colorado Advertising Club

Work Experience

Hotel Website Design - Current

Freelance Web Developer

I am currently developing a website for a hotel supply company based out of Dubai. More to come in the future. Stay tuned.

Nanny Business Card - Summer 2018

Freelance Designer

At the beginning of the summer, Veronica came to me wanting a business card for her professional Nanny business. She wanted something playful and cheerful, but also professional and easy on the eye.

Canyon Creek Engineering - Spring 2018

Freelance Designer

In February, Canyon Creek Engineering split from another engineering firm in Denver. Because of this, they needed fresh business cards. That's where I came in.

+gmmb - Sep 2017


At the end of the summer I put everything I could in two suitcases and travelled to Washington D.C. Living in the capitol I worked at an agency on a mission: to cause the effect. I worked with a team of creatives to push campaigns forward and position brands towards a stronger purpose. I designed work for numerous brands and foundations including: FEMA, Hewlett Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CAP Tulsa, and more.

WP Superheroes - Jan 2017


Lead strategic development in Growth Hacking campaigns. Used my knowledge of design and conversational flow to produce media for social media and email accounts. Was the 3rd member on the team and helped create a strong Superhero brand from the beginning.

HOVAB - Jan 2016

Graphic Designer

Created and designed the official logo for the History of the Visual Arts of Boulder art festival. Designed the festivals posters, brochures, and advertisements.

Boulder County Public Health - Jan 2016

Campaign Creative

Created and developed an awareness campaign focused on the effects of alcohol in middle schools. Designed a logo, created a website, and developed a promotional video. Designed marketing collateral.

Web Development

Nan DeGrove Portfolio - Jun 2016

Web Developer

Worked one-on-one with Nan DeGrove who is known for her beautiful art and knowledge on astronomy. I photographed her art and designed her portfolio to fit her artistic style.

The Spins Radio Show - May 2016

Web Developer

Created a website for my all-vinyl radio show, The Spins. Every Friday night my girlfriend and I spin 100% vinyl records from 8pm - 9pm.

Billy Website - Mar 2016

Web Designer

Created a website for my band, Billy. I also designed posters, album artwork, video production, and more which you can check out, here.

Pizza Colóre Boulder - Jan 2016

Web Developer

Worked one-on-one with the owner of Pizza Colóre. Started with wire-frames to brainstorm ideas. Took photos of the restaurant inside-out. Hand-coded the website using Sublime Text.

International Work

Posada Portones de Carrasco - Summer 2014

Hostel Worker/Assistant

Travelled to Uruguay and worked in a hostel for the summer. Had the opportunity to communicate through Spanish. Improved my Spanish communication skills, as well as my cooking, gardening, painting, and travelling skills.

Skills and Hobbies


Proficient in Powerpoint, Excel, Word, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sublime Text. Conversational in Spanish. Trained in CPR and First Aid. Can drum in about any style. Can operate a manual and ride motorcycles.


Web design. Drumming for the Marching band, Basketball band, and my own band. In the process of recording my own solo album. Cooking/Experimenting with ethnic foods. Exploring other countries, not for vacationing, but to be surrounded by the culture and to learn the language. Snowboarding, Hiking, and Camping. Brewing and enjoying beer.


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